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Speak up for those that cannot.


Why does the Canadian government refuse to recognize the link between animal abuse and violence against humans.

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you today to request that you do everything in your power to ensure that animals in Canada are protected from acts of cruelty.

Canada has one of the oldest animal cruelty laws in the developed world. It was first enacted in 1892 and remains virtually unchanged since then. In 2008 Bill S-203 was passed and amended the penalties section of the code. Now it’s time to update offences section to ensure that those committing acts of cruelty aren’t continuing to get away with because of existing loopholes and outdated language. These loopholes continue to prevent the prosecution of many serious animal abusers.

Animal cruelty is a grave form of violence that must be addressed. It is also a form of violence that is well recognized in authoritative, academic research as a precursor to violence against humans. Canada needs a law that takes heinous crimes against animals seriously.

A bill that would make the necessary changes to Canada’s animal cruelty law has been debated by Parliament and at one time had the support of all parties in the House of Commons as well as animal protection groups, animal use industries and veterinarians.

As a Canadian who cares about animals, I’m asking you to bring forward amendments that will properly protect all animals from cruelty and abuse.


Gary Wellings