Tell Ontario to protect threatened Algonquin wolves wherever they live | David Suzuki Foundation

 The politcal winds are changing wildlife sanctuaries.

Help protect wildlife in your backyard parks before it is too late.

In June 2016, the Ontario government reclassified Algonquin wolves (a.k.a. eastern wolves) from a species of “special concern” to “threatened” with extinction.
There are fewer than 1,000 Algonquin wolves left. They travel across a large area to find food, mates and dens.
It’s illegal to kill species listed as threatened or endangered. But hunting and trapping are the primary threats Algonquin wolves face. The ministry responsible wants to let hunters and trappers kill wolves anywhere outside of a few “core occurrence areas.”
Why? Because the government says it’s too hard to tell Algonquin wolves from coyotes or other wolf species!
Please tell the Ontario government to stick to its commitment to protect at-risk species. Say you want no hunting and trapping wherever Algonquin wolves live.
Please fill in this form before Monday, August 22. Feel free to add your own heartfelt words.
Thank you! (If the wolves could thank you, they would, too.)

To whom it may concern:


Re: EBR 012-8105


It’s the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s duty to uphold the provincial Endangered Species Act’s protection measures for species at risk such as the Algonquin wolf — not to create exemptions to avoid them.


The MNRF’s rationale to exempt the Algonquin wolf from prohibitions against killing (to “alleviate confusion” because it is difficult to visually distinguish the Algonquin wolf from coyote or other wolf species) is not an ecologically justifiable rationale to increase the level of risk to this species and strip it of protection measures afforded by Act.


The primary lethal threats to the Algonquin wolf are hunting and trapping. The MNRF does not provide any science-based information that suggests further hunting and trapping will not have a significant adverse effect on this population.


If it’s hard to distinguish the Algonquin wolf from other wolves and coyotes, then a precautionary approach consistent with Ontario’s Endangered Species Act would be to restrict the hunting and trapping of these species throughout the Algonquin wolf’s extent of occurrence.


Please use your powers to advance the recovery of this threatened species.


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