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The hunt happens in an area larger than France in a very harsh, remote location,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of the Humane Society International-Canada, which obtained the government documents. “It’s very expensive to monitor this hunt, and it’s impossible to ensure a humane death in conditions like these. The regulations even allow people to hook conscious animals onboard with a metal spike, which no one would consider humane.“The industry makes no economic sense. We know the seal hunt would have ended years ago if it was left to the market. We know our campaign is winning and we are now at a crossroads. We need to all move forward together beyond commercial sealing.”Pandamonium: Justin Trudeau meets newly-named Canadian panda cubsRead moreThe Humane Society has proposed a buy-out of existing sealing licenses, with financial help for fishermen to transition to other areas. But the Canadian government has given no indication it would support such a plan.