Indiscriminate Shark Deterents
Dear Premier.

I am writing to express my concerns at the use of shark nets and other lethal deterents across your costal regions. These are not only ineffective as you have been advised scientifically, but they also are responsible for the killing of Rays, Turtles and Whales, as well as harmless shark species. The incidence of shark attacks does not warrant the use of these destructive methods, and requires a joint application of the other non lethal methods with support of groups which have offered to help.

The hysteria that your government and the media have created is totally unwarranted and serves no purpose. All marine life plays a crucial role in the health of the oceans and your contribution to their destruction is putting the ocean at risk of collapse.

I urge you to remove the current ineffective, indiscriminate shark deterents and to begin the application of other methods sooner than later.
Mobula Ray decomposing in a gill net set for sharks on Sharpes Beach,NSW,Australia.


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