Lilydale poultry farms -100% Canadian owned allows animal Abuse in B.C.

5 workers fired after disturbing chicken abuse video

Animal advocacy group calls for prosecution of workers and companies in wake of ‘sickening’ video.

Mercy for Animals managing director Krista Hiddema called the firing of the workers by Elite Farms “too little too late.”

“This press release is nothing but disingenuous. Elite Farm Services supervisors were not only witnessing the abuse, they participated in the abuse. In addition to that, the Lilydale supervisors witnessed this abuse,” Hiddema said.

‘Culture of cruelty’

“This is not a matter of a few workers, this is a culture of cruelty that has been permitted for far too long at Elite Farms and across the poultry industry.”

Mercy for Animals is demanding the workers, the supervisors and both Elite Farms and Lilydale all face prosecution. The organization has filed complaints with the RCMP, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the BC SPCA.


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